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Future European Endocrine Leader (FEEL) -  Rolf Gaillard Award 2024
the Section/Board of Endocrinology of the UEMS

In order to facilitate within Europe the exchange of trainees specialising in adult Endocrinology and to
harmonise and improve the training of endocrinologists, the Section/Board of Endocrinology of the
UEMS with the support of Novo Nordisk A/S and Novartis has set up a fellowship program called ‘3E’,
the Exchange in Endocrinology Expertise, in 2012. In 2019 the name of this award has been changed
to the Future European Endocrine leader (FEEL)-Rolf Gaillard award. Rolf Gaillard has made this
award possible.

The FEEL program will support candidates for an assignment in a leading centre in Endocrinology,
Diabetes and Metabolism in Europe. The task will include both clinical practice and research.

Depending on the requirement of each individual project the duration of assignment may last up to six
months. Whenever possible, the assignment should include both clinical practice and research. Publication
should be seeked, and if not relevant a report has to be submitted at the end.

The maximum support is EUR 9.000 for six months or the respective aliquot for shorter exchange periods.

The selection of the candidates will be done by a Committee from the Section/Board of Endocrinology.

The criteria for a candidate to be selected are the following:

  • Education: minimum of 1 year in the specialty of endocrinology, max. 5 years after completion of training
  • At least 1 publication in a peer reviewed journal
  • Recommendation from the head of the department
  • Language: incompatibility of language should be avoided
  • The UEMS Committee will evaluate case by case if knowledge of the receiving centre language is necessary
  • Motivation proven with a specific project proposal (4-5 pages) including a proposal of centre and feasibility letter from the receiving centre

The country of origin as well as the receiving centre should be any of the countries represented in the
UEMS Section/Board of Endocrinology.

The budget for the fellowship is limited to 9.000 EUR and can be used to cover salary, travel expenses
(one return trip) and potential research expenses like bench fees.

The fellowship applications should be sent by e-mail to the following address before April 19th of 2024:

Dr Maeve Durkan, MD
President, UEMS Section/Board of Endocrinology
Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dept of Endocrinology
The Bon Secours Hospital , Cork
College Road , cork , Ireland
Email: maevedurkan@hotmail.com

Cork, January 2024
Dr. Maeve Durkan, President Section/Board of Endocrinology